My name is Richard Johan Nilsen.
I write music by the name Jayard.

I'm writing, recording and mixing
every single detail in my bedroom..

Do you want to know "why this"?

You can email me

One year later…

It has been roughly a year since my last post… This is a result of ‘Jayard’ gradually falling entirely under the definition of ‘hobby’ – “An activity or interest pursued outside one’s regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure.” – instead of being an overpowering task. My ‘regular occupation’, which in this case is University (and other activities), has been a major part of my past year and has leaded to a lack of leisure time.

However, Jayard is meant to be my hobby, and it will remain that way. So the music I make will be posted here in the future, but it will not be as regularly as it was during my time in High School.

Music being made in England:



x // Jayard/Richard

You think: “Why this?”

Well.. I launched this project because I wanted a specific goal in my hobby. Instead of just doing things without the slightest bit of an intention – which, for me, never leads to any satisfying results. However, this hobby is to write music that fascinates me, but simultaneously gives me something incredibly fun to work with. I would call it Indie. Indie is music known for cheap instruments and productions, along with bands that were independent of record labels. Moreover, I am writing, recording and mixing every single detail in my bedroom… my equipment is restricted, which results in more creative thinking and exercising my way of solving things.

This is a challenge that helps me develop my creative skills, and it is inspiring and extremely instructive! The fact that I am doing everything alone, helps me get further knowledge about myself and find the perfect ways of working for me personally.

This is my hobby. This is Jayard.

x - Richard Johan Nilsen